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    Eday Acupuncture is an acupuncture clinic providing acupressure and other services. We use cupping to treat pain, emotional distress, and other health concerns.
    We also have a massage spa, in which you can book a relaxation massage to soothe both your muscles and mind. Our stress acupuncture also aids in relaxation for our clients dealing with chronic stress.
    Our clinic is run by Western and Eastern medicine experts who can treat physical, spiritual, and mental problems. Contact us today for acupuncture services in Rockville, MD!
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Cupping is a form of natural pain relief with its origins in China. This practice is similar to our acupuncture services. The air inside the cup is heated, which creates a suction effect and increases blood flow to a particular area.

Our massage spa will ensure you are comfortable throughout the process. Some of our clients combine cupping with acupressure to address issues like insomnia.

Acupuncture services
Acupuncture Services

At Eday Acupuncture, we provide high-quality acupressure to all our clients. We can address specific issues with acupuncture services. Insomnia acupuncture can address the root issues that prevent you from sleeping and help you get a full night's rest. Massage is another option we can use to help you relax and cope with fatigue.

Our acupuncture clinic is staffed by experts with knowledge of both Western and Eastern medicine.

Relaxation massage
Relaxation Massage

If you find yourself troubled by stress, book a relaxation massage at our clinic.

Our massage spa is well-equipped, and our team provides a range of services, including Swedish massage, a gentle full-body massage.

If you want a more vigorous massage, ask for our deep tissue massage, which penetrates your muscles and soothes them. Contact us today to book a massage or learn more about our massages!

Stress acupuncture
Stress Acupuncture

Stress acupuncture is one of the most popular services at our acupuncture clinic. Many of our clients visit us because of overwhelming stress, and we can provide peace of mind with our services. Eday Acupuncture does acupuncture for a wide range of clients seeking relief.

Acupressure can help heal your body and your mind. We also provide depression and anxiety acupuncture to help our clients cope with negative feelings. Contact us today for an appointment in Rockville, MD!

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Eday Acupuncture is an exceptional place that has transformed my life! Dr. Peng's skills as an acupuncturist have improved my sleep and relieved my shoulder tension. The welcoming atmosphere and friendly staff instantly put me at ease. Dr. Peng's precise technique and personalized treatments have yielded remarkable results. I now sleep better and feel more rested. My shoulder tension has significantly diminished, and I've learned valuable insights on maintaining a healthy lifestyle. If you're considering acupuncture, Eday Acupuncture is the perfect choice for outstanding care and noticeable improvements in body and mind. Treat yourself to better sleep and a tension-free body you won't be disappointed!

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Dr. peng is great he works fast and he makes sure your comfortable. He figured out what was wrong with my lower back, and right after my first appointment i already feel better. He has a nice small comfy office. def recommend

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Dr. Peng has been practicing acupuncture for 20+ years. My elderly mother has been going to him to relieve the pain from a pinched nerve in her neck. Each time she leaves a session she is pain free with a pep in her step.

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